Setting up a home gym is a lot of fun, but you really have to make sure you are getting all the right equipment if you want things to be successful. The thing about home gyms is that if you have the space and the right equipment, you really do not have any more reason to go to an actual gym. If you want to do cardio, we recommend getting a treadmill or an elliptical. These are the two best machines for cardio workouts. A bike is an option too, but bikes are a bit limited in the muscles they work.

And when you are talking about weight lifting, you will need to get a massive collection of free weights. Make sure you get enough so that you will not have to buy them again. And since you are only one person, the volume is not what matters, but the different sizes, because you will want to mix up the weights you are using and eventually go to much higher weights. And the final thing you will need is a power rack. And you can see the various power rack models at

When you check out those power racks at, you can see how they would be really useful for anyone who is thinking about setting up a home gym. Instead of having to work out with free bar bells all the time, you can set up them up on the power rack when you are doing a really intense exercise. For instance, doing squats with really heavy weights means you should not be using the bars freely, because you could easily overwhelm yourself and need to stop. It is the same with the chest press or sitting bar bell exercises. So make sure you find a really good power rack.